Lewis Hamilton won the Grand Prix of Russia 2014

Having started from pole, Lewis Hamilton won the Grand Prix of Russia in 2014 – the debut race at the circuit of Sochi, built in the Olympic Park. In the second step of the podium he went up his team-mate Nico Rosberg, who was given this position is not easy. Nico started second, but the first turn became leaders. However, the brake at the same time he did not have time, so before entering the turn forced to be seriously peretormozit from the start damaging set of tires. Due appeared on the tires bald spots on the machine vibration Rosberg started, so he had no choice but to go into the pits for new tires. And unscheduled stop, of course, immediately threw him to the tail of the field. Then it was necessary to break than Nico and started. As it turned out, it proved to be a breakthrough Rosberg almost the only intrigue of the race, as the fighting in the distance was too little. And blame – too smooth asphalt, which is a new racetrack was so good that at the outset weekend eknda provided not only an excellent pilot derzhak, and minimal wear of tires. Depreciation was so small that Nico Rosberg after his pit stop after the first round was able to easily get to the finish line on the same set so that when the second place, ahead of all the others, except for Luce. Hamilton, by the way, three races before the end of the Championship secured his lead in the standings on 17 points. Although, in the final race in Abu Dhabi will nachilyatsya points at double the rate, so that the struggle is still ahead. As in qualifying, he finished third in Sochi Walter Bottas, the fourth – Jenson Button, and the fifth – Kevin Magnussen. Actually, he could finish the race fourth and Fernando Alonso (6th place), but because of a hitch in the pit stop the Spaniard lost time and rolled back. The seventh saw the checkered flag Danizhl Rikkaro and Vettel 11th made his way to the 8 position. Kimi Raikkonen rounded out the top ten (9th place) and Sergio Perez (10th place). Thus, the debut race in Sochi was quite fresh and rich in events. Let us hope that in the future something to be able to change for the better, because, for example, the first Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the 2009th was also boring, but then there was several very interesting races. But three weeks later we are waiting for the US Grand Prix in Austin.


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