Lewis Hamilton won the GP at Abu Dhabi in 2014 the second title

No matter how trying the team Mercedes, to the fight for the title between their wards not intervened technique eventually no problem did not pass. And they fell on the car of Nico Rosberg, who at some point had lost the pace and, in spite of the continued participation in the race to give way one by one. But Lewis Hamilton since the start took the lead, ahead of Rosberg and then brought the case to a confident victory, so the chances of Nico anyway were few. Thirty-third career victory Hamilton brought his second title – the first he won back in the 2008th, one point ahead of Felipe Massa. Much water has flowed since then, so the podium Lewis admitted that the current victory in the championship for him like the first and more significant than the previous one. At that time it decided to fortune, and now he’s won absolutely clean. As for the masses, he had a great race and climbed to the second step of the podium. Theoretically, the Brazilian could not even compete for first place, but in the Leader on his car pretty quickly worn set of super soft tires, so the distance of attack Felipe has not managed to get out. Finished third, another representative Williams – Walter Bottas, who was to be congratulated on the fourth place in the standings. Third on points in a season was Daniel Riccardo, who managed to get into the race on fourth position at the start from the pit lane. The fact that after qualifying Red Bull team was disqualified because of the inconsistency of the front wing regulations. Therefore, fifth and sixth places Riccardo and Vettel were canceled. They are allowed to start from the pit lane with other front wing. What to Sebastian, he is so high up I could not, but also made ​​it into the top ten, completing the race seventh. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2014 was the last for the four-time champion of the Red Bull team – next year he goes to Ferrari in place of Fernando Alonso. Alas, this season the Scuderia did not shine – a single victory. In the race, Alonso finished ninth and Kimi Raikkonen – the tenth. In the individual competition, she took only the sixth and twelfth places respectively. Fifth checkered flag saw Jenson Button, for whom this race at all may be the last in his career formular. In the top ten this time also broke both representatives of Force India – Nico (6th place) and Sergio Perez (7th place). The exact cause of descent is not specified, but it is likely that something happened with technology. Let’s hope that next year’s Red Bull will give Dana a fast and reliable car that will allow him to fight for the top places. Now ahead of us the winter break, but in March, it will start the next season, and even earlier start pre-season tests, so there is no doubt – the time will fly by pretty quickly.


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