Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix in 2015

Like last year, the season of 2015 Lewis Hamilton won the Chinese Grand Prix, strengthening his lead in the Championship. Starting from pole position, the Briton headed the back of the field from start to finish, and his teammate Nico Rosberg again, only the second. If Alonso remained in the Ferrari, the current runway can exactly repeat last year, but this time on the third step of the podium went up Sebastian Vettel, who replaced Fernando in the Scuderia. And although this time Seb has not managed to impose direct struggle racers Mercedes, but during the race he did not give them too much off. At the same time closer to the finish of Vettel almost caught up with Kimi Raikkonen, who still managed to get around on the stratum of both representatives of Williams. But three laps to go on the main straight because of mechanical problems arose Toro Rosso Max Verstappen, which led to the departure of the safety car, which stayed on the road almost to the checkered flag, so that no overtaking is no longer published. As for Williams drivers, then at the start of Felipe Massa (5th place) stay ahead of Walter Bottas (6th place), and so they have overcome the distance. But the main struggle was in full swing on, although Roman finished sixth in her special did not participate. After a not too successful Malaysian Grand Prix in 2015 for pilots Sauber in China once again everything went very well – both cars finished in the points, and Felipe Nasr (8th place) ahead of Daniel Riccardo (9th place) and Markus Eriksson has closed ten. By the way, the start of Daniel failed and rolled in the tail is the back of the field, and he had to come back slowly and painfully. Thus Daniel Kvyat’re not lucky – in his Red Bull blown engine. Mechanical problems were not allowed to finish and both pilots Toro Rosso. Well, the next race will be held in just one week – it will be the Grand Prix of Bahrain 2015. Thus, in such a short period is unlikely any team will be able to seriously upgrade the equipment so that the balance of power must remain the same.


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