Lewis Hamilton won the Belgian Grand Prix in 2015

Racing at the Belgian Grand Prix was the first season in 2015, which entered into force on restrictions on radio communications between the engineers and the drivers during the start procedure. If the pilots on the radio before receiving clear instructions on setting up the clutch and other systems, but now riders have to produce all manipulations yourself. Of course, all practiced a lot, however, Nico Rosberg fell back from second place to fifth, while Sergio Perez at the start of the fourth, and came in second at one point was even able to take the lead, ahead of Hamilton. However, Lewis pretty quickly regained the lead and began to increase the gap. Mercedes form on Spa-Francorchamps turned out to be such that they struggle to impose no one could. Rosberg gradually regained second place, but Hamilton controlled the situation and did not let his partner at a distance attack. So they finished that allowed Lewis a little harder to strengthen the advantage in the standings. In the third place during the race at the start of the ninth broke through with Sebastian Vettel, but two laps before the finish for Ferrari Germans blew the lid, which left four-time champion a chance to finish the race in the points. The result – a twelfth place in the classification. The high qualification rate of machines Lotus in the race confirmed Romain Grosjean, who for a few laps Vettel put pressure in the fight for the podium. Perhaps the French would have remained fourth, but a puncture opponent allowed Roman to earn a lot of points for third place and uncork a bottle of champagne with the pilots Mercedes. Perhaps this will be the last straw in the relationship between Red Bull and Renault, which is already strained to the limit. By the way, due to problems with the engine (but already on the company’s Mercedes-AMG) near the beginning of the distance gone as Nico and Pastor Maldonado. And yet, and Force India, and Lotus in Belgium proved to be very fast, so that the pilots and teams probably lost because of this many points. Speaking of Force India. Late in the final lap actively attacked Max Verstappen, but because of the vehemence of a young pilot of Toro Rosso still remained the eighth. Ninth checkered flag saw Walter Bottas, who summed up the team’s great. During one of his pit stops on the machine Finn put the wheel from the kit. The case out of the ordinary, but the punishment was not too harsh – only travel on the pit lane, although a result is affected seriously. Well, one point for tenth place earned Marcus Erickson at Sauber. The team has received in an updated version of the Belgian motor Ferrari, but money for the renovation of aerodynamics and chassis do not have, so a good start to the season for the Swiss stables turned disastrous middle. Therefore, even such a result for them are good. Two weeks later we are waiting for at least the legendary track – this will Monza for the Grand Prix of Italy in 2015, which is now struggling for survival and place in the calendar of the World Cup. Once again, everything depends on the money that the organizers do not have enough.


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