Start the British Grand Prix overshadowed by a serious accident in 2014, which was Kimi Raikkonen. Recall that in Saturday’s qualification Racers Ferrari and Williams at full strength have not been able to overcome even the first segment of qualifying, so started at the end of the field. In one of the corners Kimi went off the track, and when returning back to his car bounced on the mound and went into the dressing. As a result, Raikkonen hit one bump and then he suffered the opposite. Miraculously, he avoids contact with the machine Finn Kamui Kobayashi, but failed the start Felipe Massa Ferrari dodge unmanageable alas failed. Fortunately, he escaped with only Raikkonen ankle injury, so we hope that the next race he will fully recover, and Felipe, conducted in the UK its two hundredth Grand Prix, and was forced to retire because of damage to his Williams were too severe. Seriously, I have been damaged and bump, which hit Kimi. After the accident, the management of the race posted a red flag to eliminate the consequences of the incident. The whole process took an hour, and only when the safety rails were restored held restart, which gave for a safety-car. But to stop the race have already come some changes on positions. Nico Rosberg has kept the lead, started the second Vettel fell back to fifth place, while Lewis Hamilton made his way from sixth to fourth. On the thirteenth position, Fernando Alonso made his way, and Walter Bottas – to ninth at the start of the 14th. As expected, after the restart, Lewis pretty quickly moved into second place and began to gradually catch up with Nico. Alas, the immediate struggle, this time between them failed. By car, the German pilot had problems with the gearbox, so Nico was forced to retire. Walter had a great race Bottas, overtake rivals one by one, and the second time in a row after the Austrian finished on the podium, and this time is no longer on the third and the second position. And the offensive should be his team-mate Felipe Massa, who also probably be able to earn a lot of points. Third finished the race Daniel Riccardo, whose tail, with only seconds behind, finishing Jenson Button. It is noteworthy that for all the years of performances in F1 Jenson never once failed to come to the podium at the home race. A fifth place in a bitter struggle won Sebastian Vettel, a long time trying to get ahead of Fernando Alonso (6th place). And the next race will be held in two weeks – it will be the German Grand Prix, where the 2014 season will overcome its equator.