Lewis Hamilton for the second time in a row won the Grand Prix of Russia

Like last year, Lewis Hamilton won the Grand Prix of Russia in 2015, the Briton has become one of the few who in the course of the race to avoid a fight, and any problems with technique. It is worth noting that the second race was held in Sochi, is much more intense and much more interesting debut. If the 2014th tire manufactures brought tougher rubber compounds, this time the sets of tires have been revised softer. In the end, it worked, and the Grand Prix of Russia in 2015 was a huge amount of real struggle, overtaking, errors and accidents. Remained unchanged and only the winner of Vladimir Putin, who gave him the prize for the first place on the podium. In general, with the poles started Nico Rosberg, but at the very beginning of the race in his car having problems with the brakes, which led to retirements. Toward the close of the race due to brake failure came and Carlos Sainz, who on Saturday’s training was in a terrible accident, but after a medical examination has been allowed to start. And let the Spaniard started the race last, but during the race he claimed the points. Kimi Raikkonen struggled with the distance Walter Bottas, starting from the very start. Over laps to go, they were able to get ahead of the synchronous Sergio Perez, depriving the Mexican place on the podium. But on the last lap two Finns faced each other, skipping back to the pilot’s Force India. And if Raikkonen then on the damaged car reached the finish line in fifth, then Bottas came. Later it became known that the addition of Kimi penalized 30 seconds to the result that it was thrown from 5 to 8 th place. The second checkered flag saw Sebastian Vettel, who still managed to get around in the standings unlucky Nico. But until the leader Hamilton with four races before the end of the Championship they will not reach – his gap on points more than two and a half victory. And that’s fine allowed Kimi ahead of Mercedes team win the Constructors Championship. On the third step of the podium still rose Sergio Perez and Felipe Massa finished fourth, which is due to the failure of the qualification started the race only fifteenth. Sixth crossed the line, our Daniel Kvyat, who on the eve of a bit has not held up to the third segment, but in the race made a lot better than last year, when at the start of the fifth to the finish he got only 14th. His team-mate Daniel Riccardo through early pit stop came on fourth place. But Australian summarized the suspension on his car, so before he reached the finish line. Good race and Felipe Nasr held at Sauber, finishing seventh while his partner went on the first lap due to a collision with Nico. German spun his car and caught the car of Max Verstappen, who punctured a tire and as a result has not been able to fight back, and Marcus Erickson had no time to react and crashed into the Force India Nico. In a serious accident during the race was Romain Grosjean. With the pilot himself all was in order, and points for Lotus managed to earn Pastor Maldonado finished the race eighth. A large number of retirements allowed to finish in the top ten representatives of both McLaren – Jenson Button (9th place) and Fernando Alonso (10th place). However, as in the case of Kimi, Alonso after the finish I was fine. But not for the collision, and the cut-off for one of the turns, and 30 seconds, and only 5, but it was enough to become the tenth Verstappen. Well, the next race is waiting for us in two weeks – it will be the US Grand Prix in 2015 in Austin.


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