Pilots McLaren team have been quick throughout the weekend in Brazil and were able to confirm their speed in Saturday’s qualifying, ahead of traditional fast in the course of the season the racers Red Bull. In his final race for the British stables Lewis Hamilton won the pole steady and keeps him company on the front row of the grid was his team-mate Jenson Button, who was able to show a great lap at the very end of the final segment. Mark Webber is not so much in qualifying ahead of his younger team-mate, but this time it just happened – avtraliets leave tomorrow to fight from the third position, and Sebastian Vettel will start fourth. However, certain Mark without much struggle skip ahead contenders for the title, to the same strata and it does not matter. Felipe Massa in the home for himself drove round the track with a good fifth time, ahead of Pastor Maldonado (6th place) and Nico (7th place). But the second contender for the title in the individual competition – Fernando Alonso this time was only eighth, greatly complicate his task in the upcoming race. In the top ten this time also broke Kimi Raikkonen (9th place) and Nico Rosberg (10th place). So, in Sunday’s race at Interlagos will be the final of the world championship of Formula 1 2012 season. Sebastian Vettel has a lead over Fernando Alonso 13 points. To win, the young German pilot enough to finish fourth regardless of the outcome of Alonso. Before the Spaniard is a much more difficult task. Ideally, you need to win, with Vettel must finish no higher than fourth place. Under normal circumstances, such an outcome is unlikely, therefore, to Ferrari hoping for rain that can really go. But do not forget that tactically in the rain Red Bull usually takes the right decisions and the pilots McLaren, also start with the first row, are the great rain. Well, just one day come to a small intersection – pass is in any case impossible.