In Las Vegas presented a special McLaren MSO X coupe

At the end of January 2018, McLaren’s MSO division presented its new model. Sportscar, built on the basis of McLaren 570S, received a concise title MSO X and was shown to the public at a special event in Las Vegas. The firm said that they took only 8 months to develop the machine, while the specialists of the unit tried to make the MSO X coupe look and feel like a racing 570S GT4, but at the same time retained the status of a road car. In terms of exterior design McLaren MSO X is really much like the mentioned 570S GT, with each copy of the coupe received a unique livery, designed to resemble this or that color scheme of the legendary racing F1 GTR. Also, the special version has got a body kit that consists of side wings in the front bumper, a new vented bonnet in the GT4 style, an air intake on the roof and a massive rear wing. The latter generates an additional 100 kg of downforce at high speeds. Note that on the bumpers, hood and roof coupe there are inserts made of satin carbon. Plus the car received the MSO Titanium Super Sports exhaust system, and its tires are fitted with Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires.

As for the interior, the interior of McLaren MSO X has a minimalistic design, allowing the driver to concentrate as much as possible on management. Here, too, a lot of carbon fiber is used, while the cockpit has bucket seats and a storage compartment for the racing helmet. The central tunnel was simplified and lost the armrest. The circulation of the McLaren MSO X coupe is only 10 copies, all of them already sold out – customers got their cars as part of the event in Las Vegas. Information about the cost of such a modification there.

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