In Larte Design we have developed a range of accessories for the Lexus LX

In Larte Design tuning studio prepared a small package of improvements for the updated off-road vehicle the Lexus LX, which is in itself after restyling looks very good, but many owners of these vehicles want to individualization. The company developed a splitter and overlays for the front bumper, the visual appearance of slightly expanding crossover. To the rear of the models available on the bumper pad and a diffuser, or a completely new bumper more aggressive design with a central lantern. Lexus Product It is possible that in the future, prepare for tuners car full body kit. Recall that for the pre-reform Lexus LX 570 in the Larten Design company offer a massive body kit called Alligator. The cost of accessories not specified. In addition, the tuners offer a small polyurethane lining the front bumper for a compact Lexus NX SUV, allowing little to stand out from a number of similar machines.

foto-larte-lx-fl_03 foto-larte-lx-fl_02 foto-larte-lx-fl_01

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