Large SUV Hummer H2 appeared in 2002 and is available in two body styles: SUV and SUT (pick-up). In 2008, General Motors held a small restyling of the car, and a year later was removed from the H2 production. The design of the Hummer H2 has continued the tradition of utilitarianism. Those chopped form inherent in the very first vnedoroniku brand, the same minimum slope of the windshield, the canonical branded grille with seven vertical slits, flat side windows – all done in the style of Hummer H1, but it is much more modern and stylish.

Models & Prices Hummer H2/H2 Hummer.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
Adventure 6.2 petrol (393 hp) Manual (6) full
Luxury 6.2 petrol (393 hp) Manual (6) full

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But in the Dimension H2 and I lost quite a bit small and it can not call Hammer. Overall length of the SUV is 4820 mm, width – 2063 mm, height – 1977 mm. In the performance of SUT body length of only 880 mm, but the pick-up has the ability to fold the rear wall of the cab, which increases cargo space to an impressive 1850 mm, and the amount – up to 1490 liters. Regarding number Hammer H2, and then it has become much more sophisticated compared to H1. Torpedo no longer leaves the impression of a piece of metal with an integrated appliances and a full-fledged part of the interior.
Large and comfortable seats have a wide range of adjustments, and easily allow the driver to accommodate any build. Visibility in the Hummer H2, due to the high landing, allowing you to feel confident on the road. The second row of seats classified as “captain”, and the third row has the ability to develop compact, increasing the volume under the luggage. Before restyling on the Hummer H2 was mounted 6.0-liter gasoline engine, which replaced the then came the unit working volume of 6.2 liters with 393 hp in return Paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, this engine is able to disperse nearly three-ton colossus to a hundred in just 8.0 seconds. However, the maximum speed is low, and is only 160 km/h. Permanent all-wheel drive transmission Brog-Warner has in the arsenal of a number of step-down gear system and TCS2, which allows you to bypass the system of traction to move in deep snow or sand. Options Hummer H2 is consistent with the premium class, to which refers this SUV. The car has airbags and curtain airbags, ABS, Stability and stall prevention system, leather interior, full power accessories, dual-zone climate control, an expensive sound system with 8 speakers system with rear-view image displayed on the multifunction display and much Durga. For example, for a car produced in 2005 asking for around $34,400.

foto-hummer-h2_02-650x430 foto-hummer-h2_06-650x342 foto-hummer-h2_08-650x487