Large pickup Great Wall Deer

Great Wall Deer – pickups is a family-based Toyota Hilux. There are five variants of body performance – from G1 to G5.The well-known, but an old model as a donor, the license engine and transmission, poor build quality and materials. The result – a low price, but proven components and assemblies.
Salon pickup Great Wall Deer is simple and does not look impressive. The driver’s seat is low and inconvenient – to stay in it comfortably will fail. The rear row of seats, though designed for three passengers (five-seat version), but it places too little. Materials trim cheap, including the skin on expensive versions. Pick-up is clearly not designed for comfortable movement and is designed more for the rural areas.
Outside impression Great Wall Deer develops a bit better: almost famous and oldest Hilux, except for some details. There are five variants of body performance. The easiest G1 – a double cabin and a standard length of the body, G2 – two-door five-seater cabin with a short body, G3 – four-door five-seater cabin with a standard body, G4 – the same five places with an increased length of the body, and finally, the top version with the longest G5 a body (530 mm longer than the standard) and five-seat cabin.
Optionally, you can buy a plastic cover on the body, which converts almost Jeep pickup, especially since the Great Wall Deer has a frame structure. The power unit in the base – a licensed Toyota engine of 2.3 liters and output of 105 power l.s. Somewhat offset torque and low speed diesel engine character that farm vehicle is much more important.
The motor is mounted in a pair with a five-speed gearbox that transmits traction to the rear wheels (the basic version). The basic equipment of a pickup including air conditioning, power steering, a simple tape recorder and electro. The price of the double Great Wall Deer in the simplest configuration started with a mark of $13,700, and an extra charge for all-wheel drive – 2500 dollars.


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