Large BMW X7 crossover will appear in 2019

Rumors about the appearance of a large crossover BMW X7 appeared a few years ago. As planned by the automaker, one of the key markets for the new model was to be North America. Then the crisis broke out, and sales of large SUVs and crossovers in the United States began to decline significantly, which in turn led to the freezing of the project on creation of BMW X7. But then the Germans have returned to the idea of ​​release of its flagship SUV. Initially it was expected that the car can be represented in 2014, but later it became known that the timing is shifted by approximately 2017 and in March 2016 the leadership of the Bavarian concern has officially announced that the new BMW X7 market will be no earlier than 2019. However, a concept version of a large off-road vehicle probably will show a year or two earlier. The basis of the car will form a modular platform CLAR, which built a new “seven” the BMW F01/F02. Later, it will be the main landing gear for all models of BMW with a longitudinal engine layout. With regard to the latter, for the X7 will be available inline “six”, the V8, and perhaps V12. It is also a high probability of occurrence of a hybrid modification. It is expected that overall dimensions of the new BMW X7 will be much larger X5 model (F15), and the third row of seats will be in the cabin. Among the competitors today include such models as the Mercedes-benz GLS, the Range Rover Vogue, the Lexus LX 570 and the Cadillac Escalade.

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