Large BMW X7 coupe will receive a luxury modification

Speaking to reporters, head of BMW in sales and marketing Ian Robertson said that the largest SUV Bavarian brand, who will receive an index of the X7, will luxury modification, the cabin of which there will be four separate armchairs. According to the expert, a luxury version of the BMW X7 will be released fairly small circulation, and such modification will have no more than 1% of total sales of the model. The Germans are not ready to give an exact value of the car, but the SUV will definitely be more expensive than 100 thousand, but cheaper $200,000. In the market of luxury modification X7 will compete for customers with the future the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. Recall that the mass production of conventional X-7 will begin in 2018 or 2019, but when there will be a modification of a luxurious, yet unknown.


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