Land Rover Vision Concept hinted at the possibility of a new Discovery

Land Rover has prepared for the Auto Show in New York 2014 SUV Vision Concept, which is the forerunner of a family of models of the new generation Discovery.
The prototype was a bold design with a hinged rear doors with no B-pillar, front fascia in the style of the new Range Rover Sport 2 and large 23-inch wheels. The seven-seat SUV cabin has a landing formula 2+3+2.
Each of the seats second and third rows inside the Land Rover Vision Concept can move back and forth with the help of actuators and shape that provides a lot of different variants’s transformation.
As upholstery uses a special waterproof leather nepachkayuschayasya Foglizzo, and in interior decoration used insert made of wood. Leisure rear passengers provide a tablet with a large 10-inch screens sensornyimi.
On the technical stuffing concept Land Rover Vision is not reported, but the manufacturer told about a number of interesting systems, such as the “transparent hood.” Special video cameras in the grille scanned image before the car, sending the image on the projection screen, which creates a sense of transparency of the hood.
Also in the arsenal of the SUV has a system remote control that allows you to drive at low speeds was removed using a special controller or an application for a smartphone. This can be useful in the parking lot or overcoming a particularly difficult sections on the roads.
Owners modern Range Rover is not surprising depth measurement function wading. But it works only on the fact of, and Land Rover Vision Wade Aid system is equipped with a new generation, which with the help of sensors detects the depth of the ford in front of the car, even before immersion in water.
Installed in the fog, laser sensors function Laser Terrain Scanning “draw” on the display inside the SUV map with the terrain in front of the machine. And to overcome all obstacles to help a new generation of off-road system Terrain Response, details of which are not reported.
What of all the above will be on the production version of the new Land Rover Discovery and when all wait for his appearance manufacturer silent.

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