Land Rover SUVs will get the autopilot off-road

Head of the new development Jaguar Land Rover company Tony Harper said that the British brand experts will soon begin to develop systems of autonomous control. According to a top manager, the drone functions are not only limited to a single traffic on public roads and will help the driver even when going off-road. At the moment, it is known that the “eyes” and “ears” JLR autonomous control system will be cameras, ultrasonic sensors and optical rangefinder LIDAR. These devices will constantly analyze surrounding area and to determine the characteristics of the roadway at a distance of 5 meters. When you change the characteristics of the road surface electronics automatically selects the most appropriate settings wheel Terrain Response drive system and the optimum speed to overcome detected on the road ditches and pits. The sensors will not only scan the road surface, but also the space of the vehicle, and if there are insurmountable obstacles (eg, low knots of trees) in the way of the car, the driver will receive a warning. To all other British brand SUVs will get a wireless communication system Off-Road Connected Convoy. With the help of the car in front can transmit data on the articulation of the wheels, proper ground clearance and wheel slippage car going back. It is expected that the first to receive such autopilots model Range Rover and Range Rover Sport the next generation, production of which will take place in a few years.


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