New Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2018, prices and equipment

Land Rover has introduced a completely new model – a mid-size crossover Range Rover Velar, the world premiere will take place at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. The line producer Velar took an intermediate position between the Evoque and RR Sport.
It is noteworthy that the British this time done without display concepts, and immediately rolled out a production car, the exterior of which they managed to hide almost up to the presentation. As for the name, the Velar name was used in 1968 for the first prototypes of the brand.
Externally, the new Range Rover Velar 2017-2018 year looks very impressive, coupe stands out large angles of inclination windshield and rear window, the falling roof, low, black stands, almost vertical front fascia and larger wheels (available with diameters from 18 to 22 inches).
The front and rear light is narrow and extends to the sidewall, branded with an unusual grille mesh, rear – spoiler on the boot lid, an imitation of a diffuser in the rear bumper, fashion silver lining and large diamond-shaped decorative pipes of the exhaust system, shifted closer to the center.
There is a variant of R-Dynamic performance with other bumpers, hood without inserts under simulated air intakes, as well as painted body color roof, while the roof is in the standard version is black. Door handles on the Range Rover Velar made Reach (a similar solution is used in the electric Tesla).
Like the outside, the inside is immediately recognizable car belonging to the brand Land Rover Range Rover front panel architecture reminiscent of other representatives of the brand, but the control of almost all functions of the car is now displayed on the touch screens and panels.
Analog Devices put the car in the base, the rest of the role played by panel 12.3-inch display, while the center console housed two ten-screen multimedia system Touch Pro Duo, and the top can be adjusted for angle within 30 degrees. Touchpads are also present on the dashboard and the steering wheel.
And then there is a reasonable question, how it will work in the cold? The company did not deny that at a temperature below -20 and the reaction to pressing virtual buttons slow down, but promise that all screens are heated quickly, so that any problems should not be.


New Range Rover Velar 2017 – is the next of kin presented before the Jaguar the F-Pace is . They are built on a common platform, IQ aluminum [Al] and have an identical size wheelbase 2874 mm. The front suspension is double wishbone and rear.
This Velar is positioned just above the F-Pace, so that in all versions of off-road vehicle drive extremely full, and the box – only 8-speed automatic ZF. Already in the database is installed proprietary Terrain Response system, and for a fee offer advanced complex Terrain Response 2 Auto mode. Top version it is put by default, coupled with an electronically locking rear transverse differential.
Overall length Range Rover Velar is 4803 mm, width – 1930, height – 1 665. So he turned to 72 mm longer than the Jaguar, and only 42 mm shorter, 115 mm lower than the Senior Sports. The volume of the luggage compartment under the shutter claimed 632 liters, and with folded backside back sofa (folded in the ratio 40:20:40) compartment increases to 1713 liters.
In all variants of crossover placed electronically controlled dampers, the ride height by spring suspension is 213 mm, while the version with Pneumoelements – 205. But in the latter case, the clearance may be forced to raise up to 251 mm, and at a speed exceeding 105 km/h the car automatically crouches 18 mm, can be lowered for loading back of all 50 mm. Fording depth – 600 mm, with pneuma – 650.
The base engine for the Range Rover Velar 2017-2018 is the 2.0-liter diesel engine family Ingenium. It is available in versions of return on 180 hp (430 Nm) and 240 hp (500 Nm), while the petrol variant of the same series of similar volume develops 300 power and 400 Nm of torque.
The three-liter V6 turbo-diesel also has 300 “horses”, but the peak thrust his already 700 Nm, and on top of that range until there is a 3.0-liter petrol “six” with the compressor – its capacity is 380 power and 450 Nm. From zero to hundreds Velar with this engine accelerates in 5.7 sec., And the maximum speed is limited at around 250 kilometers per hour. Later the range of affordable units will be expanded.
One of the interesting solutions of the new model is worth noting full LED head optics, which is available in four versions – from the ordinary to the matrix, and the most chic – version with laser-beam-emitting phosphor sections that illuminate the road at a distance of 550 meters. And for the trim can be ordered upholstery chairs expensive fabric Square, consisting of 30% wool.
The company also noted a fairly low drag coefficient crossover resistance equal to 0.32 against 0.34 at the F-Pace. This is not a class record, but very decent rate, which has been achieved at the expense of virtually flat bottom, retractable door handles in the body, lack of roof rails and reduced gaps between body panels. The rear wiper is absent, and the rear windows should provide clean air flow, which is directed through a special slot at him from the roof.

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Sales of the new Range Rover Velar will start in the autumn of 2017, and in the UK to buy a car can be even earlier – in the summer, prices are on it range from 45 000 to 85 000 pounds sterling. Thus, we can assume that we have for the base version will ask about $55,200.
Of course, the initial price tag is easy to pick up due to the mass of the available options for the awning. Among them appear adaptive cruise control, all-sky cameras, panoramic roof, four-zone climate, ventilation and massage front seats, and lots of electronic security systems.

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  1. For the first time in 10 years, there’s a totally new Range Rover model in town. Its name is Velar, it slots between the Evoque and the Sport and it really, really hopes you don’t mind touchscreens.

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