How will the next generation of the legendary Land Rover Defender? This question is a British manufacturer responded to a motor show in Frankfurt in 2011, showing just two prototypes of future trends, the launch of a series which is scheduled for 2015. It is noteworthy that one of the concepts (Land Rover DC100) is a three-door SUV, and the other (DC100 Sport) – a two-door convertible! As powertrains used petrol and diesel four-cylinder 2.0-liter. And Land Rover promises in the future and hybrid versions of the legendary off-road. Transmission – automatic eightfold. Among the high-tech equipment concept DC100 – the system scans the road Terrain-I, warns the driver of the occurrence of obstacles, help system movement wade Wade Aid, estimating the depth of the pond, as well as Terrain Response system the new generation. Moreover, in an official press release stating that the body of the car will be capable of self-cleaning and self-healing. Well, we wait for the release and promises to test in practice.

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