Lamborghini LM002: serious SUV, prices and equipment

Lamborghini Company has made a name for himself exclusively to the production of expensive supercars, but few people know that once the Italians seriously thinking about entering the market of SUVs and even produced a model LM002, about which will be discussed below. In the 70s the case at the Lamborghini were not the best way. The company has broken big deal, and the Italians were forced to consider all possible options. Around the same time, the US Army needed a new SUV, and the Americans announced a tender worth about $ 60 million. Naturally, in the Lamborghini expressed a desire to participate in the tender. For this was even a prototype SUV Lamborghini Cheetah (1977), which broke down right during military trials … The victory in the tender if the company AM General won with his model HMMWV (the most legendary “Hammer”), but failure will not affect the intent Lamborghini to release its first SUV. For example, in 1981 the Italians presented a prototype LM001. It was a gnarly four-wheel drive SUV with a rear engine. A year later, the public was presented an updated version – LM002, was located where the engine is already in front.
Production of the first SUV Lamborghini began only in 1986. Serial LM 002 is equipped with a 12-cylinder V-carbureted engine capacity of 5.2-liters and 450 hp Interestingly, this engine is borrowed directly from racing model boats Maritime, Lamborghini produced at the time. Works wonderful unit is paired with a five-speed manual transmission German company ZF. From 0 to 100 km/h the SUV accelerates in just 9.0 seconds, with the overclock 2.7-ton vehicle can be up to 201 km/h. Impressive, however, as the fuel consumption, which reaches an average of 27.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Design Lamborghini LM 002 – this body characterized by straight lines, sharp edges and flat faces. However, the Italians brought to their offspring fraction of elegance, so the SUV turned out not as clumsy as the same Hummer H1. Permeability from LM002 is at a very high level. Italian SUV storms equally well as urban curbs and steep slopes on the roads, while in the car is not observed any vibration or abnormal noise. Achieving this is possible thanks to good-quality independent suspension and baggy tires Pirelli Scorpion 345/60 VR17, which securely hold the car overweight even in the loose soil. The length of the SUV Lamborghini LM 002 reaches 4 790 mm, width – 2000 mm, height – 1 850 mm. Despite its size, the interior of the car is not so spacious. In addition, it is conditionally divided into two parts of the cardan tunnel, which impedes the movement of the cabin. The civilian version of the model it has air conditioning and decorated with genuine leather. But the interior of the army version of the Spartan simple. In addition to the original model, Lamborghini also released several modifications SUV. For example, in 1987 there was LM American with a 6.8-liter power unit, which again was taken from the boat. Before hundreds LM American accelerates exactly 8.0 seconds. For the most demanding customers (sheikhs from Saudi Arabia) is also offered LM002 with 7.2-liter engine, which at that time were completed exclusively marine boats premium. Production of his first and last to date, serial Lamborghini SUV rolled in 1993. In less than 8 years, was released 328 cars. about half of that number – the army version. So, exactly 100 machines LM002 purchased Libyan army, even 40 – the army of Saudi Arabia. Today buy Lamborghini LM002 is very problematic. Sometimes SUVs sold through auctions, while the average price of the car remained stable in the region of $90,000 – $110,000.

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