Lamborghini Huracan will receive seven new modifications

Edition Automobile reports that the company plans to Lamborghini development of several new modifications of the supercar Huracan. So, in the future, the model will receive at once seven different executions, among which the “all-road” version deserves special attention. The latter will be called Huracan Safari, and it will be distinguished from the usual version by the extended wheel arches and the presence of protective plastic panels on the body. In the Lamborghini market, the Huracan Safari will be offered both in the body of the coupe and in the form of a roadster. The car will receive a full-mounted chassis and a height-adjustable suspension. In addition, Huracan will acquire options with bodies of barketta, targa, and speedster. In development also there is a “charged” SV-version and hardcore GT3 Stradale. Exact dates for the appearance of modifications are not called, but it can be assumed that annually the Italians will present one or two novelties each.

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