Lamborghini Carbonado Apertos from Mansory studio

One of the most impressive projects Mansory tuning company is a supercar the Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado, first introduced in the spring of 2013. At the end of 2015, the first open version of Carbonado Apertos appeared in the company’s portfolio.
It is based tuners have Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and apply practically the same improvements that were used to build the coupe Carbonado. And the improvements here so much that by the source code there are very few.
For example, the body on the Lamborghini Carbonado Apertos completely made of carbon fiber, and with significant changes. Firstly, it has become wider, and secondly, there is immediately integrated body kit with a front splitter, side “skirts”, the rear wing, diffuser and other massive bumpers.
Wheel rims (20-inch front and 21 – behind) are also made from carbon fiber inserts and “shod” in tires Pirelli P ZERO. The supercar interior trim is used carbon fiber and high-quality leather.
The standard 6.5-liter 700-horsepower V12 also redrew almost entirely. Mansory Experts replaced crankshaft and cylinder heads, connecting rods, pistons and bearings. The engine also equipped with two turbochargers, powerful exhaust system and the original firmware.
As a result, the engine produces is now 1250 “horses”, providing Carbonado Lamborghini roadster Apertos the same dynamics as the coupe – acceleration from zero to hundred in 2.6 seconds (-. 0.4 seconds) and top speed of 380 kilometers per hour. Total will be built only three such machines, the price is not called.

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