At the Paris Motor Show in 2016 debuted the open version of the laferrari hypercar, which was called Aperta, but not Spider, as expected initially. Appearance of the car was officially declassified in July. Outside LaFerrari Aperta almost exactly the source, except that SPIDER has a removable top, which can not only be a rigid carbon fiber, and fabric. The company worked on the aerodynamics of the model and design enhancement to preserve the inherent dynamics of a coupe and manageability. catalog Ferrari As expected, in the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta movement causes the same hybrid power plant with total capacity of 963 hp, which is installed on the hypercar with a rigid roof. Recall, it is composed of a 6.2-liter V12 with an impact of 800 “horses”, 163-hp electric motor, power lithium-ion batteries and a 7-band robotized transmission. On acceleration from zero to hundred La Ferrari (Spider) Apert spends slightly less than three seconds, acceleration from 0 to 200 km/h takes just 7.1 seconds., And the maximum speed reaches 350 kilometers per hour. But the data on the cost hypercar and draw its release in different sources differ. It is known that the circulation of the compartment was 499 copies, and in 2016 the company decided to build a 500th instance, to the proceeds from the sale of its funds to start up to help victims of the earthquake in Italy. Spider should be exclusive – initially reported 70 or even 50 copies, but now we are talking about the release of 200 pieces. The price of a new Ferrari LaFerrari Apert on some information of 3.5 million euros, on the other – from US $ 2.1 million. It is not excluded that the new management of the company, after the withdrawal of the company shares on the stock exchange, took a course to increase sales by changing the circulation pattern of release in a big way, but at the same time reducing the cost of a few.

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