What’s Lada Van? Avtovaz prepares a new model

Avtovaz and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance have formed a request for a special investment contract, in which several new models appear at once. Among them is the project under the working name Lada Van.

According to the edition, Lada van will be an iridescent version of Renault Dokker, and the design of the car is the responsibility of the team Steve Mattin. The front part of the heel is performed in the branded X-shaped stylistics of the Tolyattinskaya brand.

Renault Dokker

As for the silhouette, it should be more rapid than the French donor. The range of power units for Lada Van will be presented as both Avtovaz and Nissan motors, but there is no more detailed information about the technical stuffing of the model.

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