Lada cars will have a system remote Connect control

AvtoVAZ Lada Connect introduced a system that allows you to control some functions of the car remotely via a special application on the smartphone. So, with the help of this system, the driver can start the engine, lock the central locking, open the trunk and include lighting equipment. Also, the application functionality allows the driver to receive different notifications of external influence on the car (for example, impact or evacuation). With the system you can also lock the engine, find out the exact location of the machine and report its location to the police, which may be useful in case of theft. In addition, Lada Connect telemetry records of trips, giving the owner a detailed statistics about daily trips. According to AvtoVAZ, examining this information, the driver learns to drive a car more efficiently. Lada Connect system will debut in early 2017 on some trim models of Vesta and XRAY, and by the end of that year, the application is adapted and under other models of the brand, regardless of their complete sets.


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