Koenigsegg CCR by Edo Competition company

Tuning Edo Competition studio known supercars its modifications “of all kinds” from different manufacturers. Perhaps that is why to him and decided to turn the owner of one of the Koenigsegg CCR, which was not too pleased with the handling of his car. As a result, capacity 4.7-liter “eight” has increased to 891 hp and maximum torque was available at lower revs. Now the full boost pressure is given in the range from 3700 to 6000 rev/min. However, despite the increased power, the maximum speed tuning Koenigsegg CCR was reduced to 390 km/h. How much cost the owner listed improvements in the press release are not reported. Recall that a few days ago we told you about tuning Bugatti Veyron from Status Design, so that the practice is gaining momentum, and the owners of rare vehicles tend to make them even more exclusive.

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