Evening of September 10 Felipe Massa on his page on Instagram wrote that in 2014 he would not serve in the Ferrari, and the next day in Maranello issued a press release in which officially confirmed the conclusion of a two-year contract with Kimi Raikkonen. Thus, in the seasons of 2014 and 2015, for Scuderia Ferrari will play Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen. In this edition of the BBC reports that the Spaniard had been warned in advance about the change of partner and expressed his disagreement. It is noteworthy that Kimi has played for Ferrari in the period from 2007 to 2009, and in his first season for the Scuderia Finn to win the championship. Raikkonen’s team-mate at the time was just Felipe Massa, who has fought for the title in the 2008th, but lost it to Lewis Hamilton in the final race. The 2009th car Ferrari was not as good as the journalists wrote vengeance that Kimi Raikkonen lost motivation. As a result, the team decided to terminate the contract with the Finn ahead, agreeing to pay him a solid compensation on condition that Kimi will miss the 2010 season. In place Raikkonen came from Renault’s Fernando Alonso and Kimi for two years he moved to act in the world perstvenstve Rally WRC. The 2012th Finnish driver came back to Formula 1, and now holds the second season in the team Lotus. But the continuation of the career of Felipe Massa might be difficult. The Brazilian stands for Ferrari since 2006, and during that time he won 15 pole positions, 11 victories and won 36 times on the podium. However, after a serious accident in 2009, when issued from the car of Rubens Barrichello came in the spring helmet Massa, Felipe results have fallen markedly. And although the Brazilian denied that the accident that adversely affected his performance, the results of races to the contrary. Even last year, it seemed that Ferrari may refuse the services of Felipe, but the Scuderia gave him another chance. Home 2013th seemed good, and then began to decline again. Theoretically Massa was able to sign a contract with Lotus and Sauber, but it is possible that he would have to miss the season. And in the future, as the practice, unable to return to the Championship is very little.

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