As a result, Seb could start or the last on the grid, any of the boxes. The team chose the second option, which allowed them to make adjustments in the setup of the car, which in the normal case, forbidden to do. One of these changes was an increase in the gear ratio in the box, making it possible to develop more speed on the straight. It seemed to the championship returns to the intrigue, because, as you know, to overtake on the track Yas Marina extremely difficult. Recall at least the 2010th year, when Fernando alosno spent most of the race the slower car Vitaly Petrov, but to overtake him and could not. But in the fourth year of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race finally got boring. At the start Webber traditionally fell, rolled away from its second to fifth. Kimi Raikkonen was second and Fernando Alonso – the fourth. Hispanic few laps chasing Pastor Maldonado, until he finally beat him. Soon the track came the safety car, which is released after the collision with Nico Narain Kartekyanom. By the time Vettel has managed to beat a lot of slower cars and came close to the spectacle of ten. However, when one of the overtaking two-time champion a bit damaged front wing and then crashed into a styrofoam plate speed limiter while trying to dodge the reset switch on the line speed of the car the team Toro Rosso. After this episode, Sebastian zazvali to the pits, where he put new tires and replaced the wing. Thus, before restarting again Seb was the last. Shortly after the restart peleton lost the race leader – next to technical problems the car McLaren deprived of a possible victory of Lewis Hamilton. The first place went Kimi Raikkonen and Alonso was the second. After a few laps a wave of pit stops, which played into the hands of Vettel, who had already made it into the top ten, and then completely finished second. And it is at the start of the boxes and then back to the last place. Of course, to finish tires on the car Red Bull is not held on to, so go for a fresh set and had to Cebu, but once you stop, he returned to the track fourth – behind Jenson Button. And soon reappeared on the track pace car. It should be noted that in the previous three races in Abu Dhabi, the safety car appeared only once, and then twice in one race. The reason for its introduction was another accident, which turned out to be the instigator of Sergio Perez. He dropped out of the fight caused by Romain Grosjean and Mark Webber, and the Mexican for the maneuver was a 10-second penalty Stop & Go, and finished only fifteenth. But the second safety car again played for the benefit of Sebastian, since all detachments appeared leveled. After the next restart, Kimi Raikkonen was able to break away from the little Alonso, who, in turn, would not let close Button. Englishman as he could restrain the attack Vettel, but ultimately missed the third place, which could be for Jenson’s fourth straight in Abu Dhabi. So the first three and finished – Raikkonen, Alonso and Vettel. For Kimi, this victory was the first in two years and then his return to Formula 1. By the way, in the first seven races of the season there were seven different winners, but the Finn was not listed among them. And now Raikkonen became the eighth winner, joining Button, Alonso, Rosberg, Vettel, Maldonado, Webber and Hamilton. Alonso did everything he could – at the start of the sixth place he finished second, but all his efforts undermined phenomenal performance Sebastna Vettel, who lost to the Spaniard just three points in the standings. Now Seba advantage over Alonso is just ten points for two races before the end of the season. And if the speed of Red Bull is such that, even at the start of bokosov, the leader of this team was able to finish third, then defeat it will be extremely difficult. As for the last race, then followed by Button finished Pastor Maldonado (5 seat), Kamui Kobayashi (6th place), Felipe Massa (7th), Bruno Senna (8th place), Paul di Resta (9th place) and Daniel Riccardo ( 10th place). The next race will be held in two weeks – it will be returned to the calendar of the US Grand Prix, but on a completely new circuit in Austin, in Texas. So we are waiting for the debut, and then, after a week, came the denouement Brazilian Intergalose.