KIA unveiled an updated family of models Ceed 2017

In June of 2015 the company introduced the updated family KIA Ceed model 2016 model year. Audits have undergone a five-door hatchback, wagon Kia Ceed SW, three-door Pro_Ceed, as well as the “hot” version with the prefix GT.
Restyled versions KIA Ceed 2016 got a little revamped grille and taillights, as well as modified bumpers and front sections fog lights receiving chrome edging.
In addition, for 2016 KIA Ceed became available after the upgrade wheels of new design and interior decoration added chromium. Diesel versions boast improved noise and vibration isolation.
Under the hood, the new model has registered 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine, is available in a return on 100 and 120 forces (maximum thrust both equal to 172 Nm). All other petrol engines are brought to compliance with environmental requirements “Euro 6”.
Modernization has undergone a 1.6-liter diesel engine, which is offered with a capacity of 110 and 136 hp(285 Nm) against the forces of 128 and 265 Nm earlier. In addition, it is now combined in a pair with a 7-band robotized transmission with dual clutch DCT (talking about the 136-strong version).
Audits and the suspension was subjected to 2 KIA Ceed FL – it installed a new rear support struts, ball and hollow stabilizer, plus there was a simulation of transverse differential.
Five-door Ceed GT and three-door Kia Pro_Ceed GT apparently remained the same, and they got a new supercharged engine, although returns remained unchanged: 204 hp and 265 Nm. But an improved response to pressing the gas pedal will reduce the time to disperse hundreds from 7.7 to 7.6 seconds.
European sales of the models will begin in July 2015, and to restyled cars will reach dealers in the fall. The equipment KIA Ceed 2016 entered the modified automatic parking system (now can put the car on their own, not only parallel but also perpendicular) as well as function SLIF, duplicate road signs and speed limits on the dashboard and the screen multimedia.

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