South Korean automaker has declassified a stylish KIA Sportspace Concept wagon, which was shown to the public in early March at the Geneva Motor Show 2015.
Appearance of the car was developed in the company’s design studio in Frankfurt and gives some idea of how it will look new KIA Optima sedan 4 generations, the premiere of which must pass before the end of this year. Overall length five-door is 4885 mm, the value of the wheelbase is 2840, width – 1870, height – 1480.
Among the distinctive features of the concept KIA Sportspace smooth sidewalls can be noted, the large wheels and narrow lighting equipment. In general, the versatile appearance has turned quite rapid. The company is positioned as a model in the Gran Turismo for a comfortable and fast travel over great distances with the minimum of stress.
Quadruple room prototype sports a separate leather chairs, fully digital instrument panel, wide screen infotainment system and a panoramic roof.
In addition, the boot concept equipped with a special pull-out rollers, the process of moving compartment. And when you turn on the ignition and removed the floor and do not let things slide while moving.
The movement KIA Sportspace Concept brings a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine producing 250 hp, the thrust of which is transmitted to the front axle. Learn about technical stuffing of the car is not driven, and the previously assumed that the wagon could get a hybrid powerplant T-Hybrid, the first time presented at the Optima sedan in the fall of 2014.
It was assumed that in the future, the concept can become a serial wagon based on the new Optima, but in April 2015 the first manufacturer to exclude such a development, as the company believed that demand for five-door unlikely to be at the required level for recoupment. In addition, the car can take away part of the buyers at the Kia Sorento 3 crossover , in which the KIA also do not want to.

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