The new Kia Rio (3) sedan 2016, prices and equipment

Receiving orders for the new product will be launched in early September, and deliveries will begin in October. In general, the European new Kia Rio hatchback was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show spring, in April, at the motor show in New York, presented to the public in Rio four-door version.

Configuration and price KIA Rio 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
1.4 Comfort Base MT $14,400 1.4 petrol (107 hp) Manual (5) front
1.4 Comfort MT $15,100 1.4 petrol (107 hp) Manual (5) front
1.4 Comfort AT $16,800 1.4 petrol (107 hp) Automatic (4) front
1.6 Luxe MT $17,200 1.6 petrol (123 hp) Manual (6) front
1.6 Prestige MT $18,600 1.6 petrol (123 hp) Manual (6) front
1.6 Luxe AT $18,800 1.6 petrol (123 hp) Manual (6) front
1.6 Prestige AT $19,200 1.6 petrol (123 hp) Manual (6) front
1.6 Premium AT $20,700 1.6 petrol (123 hp) Manual (6) front

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On the European version of the car is distinguished by a larger grille, other head optics and taillights, as well as the modified bumper. New Kia Rio (2015) for our market is based on the sedan Hyundai Solaris, cars going in one company have common dimensions and equipped with identical engines and transmissions.
This means that the Kia Rio sedan in the new body has a length of 4370 mm, width – 1700, height 1 470 Wheelbase news is 2 570 ground clearance – 160 mm and luggage compartment volume is 500 liters, 46 liters more than Solaris. As powertrains for the new Kia Rio sedan offers 3 two petrol engines – 1.4 liter capacity 107 hp (135 Nm at 5000 r/min) and 1.6-liter, 123 hp outstanding and a torque of 155 Nm at 4200 rev/min.
Both can be aggregated or paired with a four-automatic, or paired with a six-speed mechanics. Acceleration from zero to a hundred in the mechanics takes 11.5 seconds (with a 107-horsepower engine) and 10.3 with – with the 123-strong unit volume of 1.6. On the machine – 13.5 and 11.2 sec., Respectively.
The car is equipped with a battery of increased capacity, more powerful generator, heated side mirrors and windscreen wipers in the area of peace. The body, especially the bottom, got extra protection, resist moisture, temperature extremes and aggressive-icing agents.
During the winter test of the new Kia Rio 3 achieved a stable start a car engine at temperatures down to -35 degrees and the cabin occupants should not give increased power to freeze heater radiator ducts and conducted to the feet of the rear passengers.
The first commodity cars reached dealerships in October. However, contrary to expectations, the car turned out to be not the budget. Basic Comfort version has a rich equipment than the initial version of the Hyundai Solaris. The cost of the new Kia Rio 3 with a 1.4-liter engine and the mechanics in the initial configuration is $14,400.
The equipment of the saloon immediately includes front airbags, ABS, rear disc brakes, daytime running lights, air conditioning, as well as develop in parts back seat and body-colored mirrors and handles. Prices for Kia New Rio 3 in picking Luxe started from $17,200. This version has additional foglights, full-time audio, Rear power windows and heated front seats.
Price Kia Rio sedan version Prestige was $21,400. For the money, buyers get a car equipped with side airbags and curtain airbags, climate control, dashboard Supervision, as well as alloy wheels. Finally, the most expensive version in the top configuration Premium, available exclusively with the 1.6-liter engine and automatic transmission, estimated at $20,700. There is a stabilization system, rear partronik, system access to the salon and the interface Bluetooth.

Updated KIA Rio 2016.

Unlike updated Hyunai Solaris 2014, received a redesigned exterior, restyled sedan and hatchback Kia Rio, which share with the Solaris chassis, as well as engines and transmissions, apparently unchanged.
Remains and motors – is, we recall, the petrol engines of 1.4 (107 hp) and 1.6 (123 hp) a liter, but the latter is now combined in a pair with a six-speed manual or automatic transmissions instead old manual five-speed and quad automatic transmission, which is still available for the younger of the engine. Note also that the model next model year became available two new variants of paint finishes, “Dazzling Blue” and “coffee brown”. April 1, 2015 started selling restyled KIA Rio 3 with retouch appearance.

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