Within the framework of the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, the presentation of Kia Proceed Concept was held, the distinctive feature of which is the unique color of the body. The body of the prototype is painted in a special red color Lava Red. Representatives of the South Korean brand note that in order to create such a shade, they had to overlay 19 layers of different colors on each other. It took a whole week to paint the model. As a result, the specialists of Kia obtained a luminous glossy-red color, the intensity of which depends on the illumination. Kia Proceed Concept received a long hood with a rearward-cocked cab, with a Lumiline backlit line, no rear posts, a falling roof, a complicated forage design and 20-inch wheels. The four-seater interior of the car is also almost completely painted in the color of Lava Red, with the black steering wheel and the inserts on the front panel creating a striking contrast. On the doors there are shiny glossy inserts, while for the seating of Koreans it took about 100 meters of elastane fabric. Plus in the interior design there are inserts made of carbon fiber. Among other features of the Kia Proceed Concept, it is worth noting the buttons made of aluminum, a digital gadget, a large touchscreen display of a multimedia system, a premium audio system and a shelf, which the Koreans call the “Memory Bank”. The latter contains three vials of flavors that evoke among passengers various associations associated with cars. Presented at the exhibition fastback has three driver modes, each of which has its own color. So, in the sport mode “GT” the car has red illumination of the Lava Red device, in the green “Eco” – green Forest Green, and in the autonomous “Autonomous” – white Ghost White. Unfortunately, the automaker did not provide any information about the autopilot equipped with the concept, there is no information on the technical equipment.