New KIA Ceed 2019 hatchback

At the Geneva Motor Show, the world premiere of the new KIA Ceed 2018 will be held, the name of which is written in this way together with the previous designation ceed. Presentation of the hatchback of the third generation was held in mid-February, where all the basic details became known. The five-door KIA Ceed 2018 (photo, price) is made in the new design style of the company “Mature athleticism”, a team from Frankfurt, led by Gregory Guillaume and Peter Schreier, worked on the model. The manufacturer is proud that the car was developed in Europe and for her – the start of sales in the Old World is planned for the second quarter of 2018, and later the supplies will be adjusted. Let’s take a look at the exterior of the hatch. Outside, Kia Ceed in the new body retained the original grille of the “nose of the tiger”, as well as the far-reaching headlights that go far into the wings. At the same time, the “stuffing” of optics became more complicated, and the front bumper became more expressive and aggressive. On its sides are large sections with diode navigation lights, and a wide central part is distinguished by the presence of two bars. The hood of the new model has become more embossed, and the side panels, on the contrary. If the former Ceed has a short hood that goes into the windshield with almost no step, then a more traditional approach is used. The window line became quieter, the triangular windows in the front windows disappeared, and the rear windows reminded those on the Hyundai i30. Behind the audit were also lights, and a bumper, and the trunk lid, to which the section moved under the license plate. In the interior of the new KIA Ceed 3 has become more spacious, as materials for the upholstery of seats are available fabric, artificial or natural leather. The front panel in the car is completely new, the steering wheel and instrument panel have also changed, the central console has been rearranged, and the screen of the multimedia system was made in the form of a stand-alone tablet. At the base of its diagonal is 5.0 inches, and in more expensive versions it can be increased to 7.0 or 8.0 “.


Car Kia Ceed 2018-2019 year moved to the lighter and stronger platform K2, which replaced the “cart” with the index J4. On this chassis, the geometry of the suspensions (front and rear of the multi-link) is completely revised, and the steering became sharper. The overall length of the hatchback (characteristics) did not change – 4,310 mm, the wheelbase remained the same – 2,650. At the same time, the width increased by 20 mm (to 1,800), and the height was reduced by 23 mm (to 1,447). The volume of the trunk increased from 380 to 395 liters. The basic engine was a 1.4-liter Kappa atmospheric power of 100 hp, plus a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged T-GDI engine for 120 forces, with a pair of 140-strong T-GDI of 1.4 liters. It is possible that for the version will retain the previous 1.6-liter atmo for 130 “horses.” In the European market, the new 1.6-liter diesel CRDi of the U3 series (formerly U2) will be in demand, it is offered in two variants of output for 115 and 136 hp. (280 Nm). All engines are paired with a 6-speed mechanics, while top versions can be ordered paired with a 7-band robot with two clutches. For cars, there are two modes of control electronics: Normal and Sport. The latter gives the “steering wheel” a weight and makes a response to accelerator pressure more responsive. Prizhmystyh Europeans will be pleased with the ECO Pack version with moving Active Air Flap louvers, understated suspension, flat bottom and Michelin tires with reduced rolling resistance level.

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