The American edition of Jalopnik published the first information about the Japanese supercar Ken Okuyama kode 0-zero, presented to journalists in the California garage of the firm Fusion Motor Sport. Later, a novelty, the appearance of which was invented by the Japanese designer Kiyuki “Ken” Okuyama, will be presented at the elegance contest at Pebble Beach 2017. By the way, a project Kode57 on the basis of the Ferrari 599 was also shown there. Two-door has received the carbon-fiber wedge-shaped body, developed at the factory in the Japanese Yamagata. On the supercar, the elements of the aerodynamic body kit are practically not used, while the supply of air to the radiators is carried out by means of fans built into the stern. This design of the exterior makes Ken Okuyama kode 0-zero similar to the classic supercars of the 70’s. Okuyama himself notes that the model is dedicated to the Italian designer Marcello Gandini, who in due time came up with the look of such cars as Lancia Stratos Zero, Lamborghini Countach, and Ferrari Moduro. Of the other design features of the Ken Okuyama kode 0-zero, it is worth noting the pronounced front splitter, LED headlights, massive rear diffuser and four branch pipes of the exhaust system, placed directly in the center in a kind of triangular frame. As a platform for his new project, Okuyama chose the supercar chassis of the Lamborghini Aventador, while the designer tried to make the design of the coupe as light as possible. In the outfit, its two-door weighs 1,550 kg. From Aventador, the whole technical stuff was also borrowed. Thus, the all-wheel drive kode 0-zero drives a 6.5-liter V12 engine with a power output of 750 hp, which operates in conjunction with a seven-band robotic transmission.