The current SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee was first presented the summer of 2010 and at the Detroit Motor Show in 2013 debuted its restyled version. The car was retouched exterior and interior, as well as an upgraded technology.

Configuration and price Jeep Grand Cherokee 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
3.0 Laredo $51,100 3.0 petrol (238 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.0 Limited $58,100 3.0 petrol (238 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.0D Laredo $60,100 3.0 diesel engine (241 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.6 Limited $64,200 3.6 petrol (286 hp) Automatic (8) full
750LiĀ xDrive $66,400 3.6 petrol (286 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.0D Limeted $68,000 3.0 diesel engine (241 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.0D Overland $71,400 3.0 diesel engine (241 hp) Automatic (8) full

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As for the other power units for the SUV, they remained unchanged. The base is a 3.6-liter “six” to return to 286 hp, and it is an alternative to 353-horsepower V8 cylinder capacity of 5.7 liters. On top scale is a modification SRT8 with a 6.4-liter “eight” power of 470 hp Although gasoline engines on the Grand Cherokee 2014 remained the same, and now they got Mode Eco Mode, which is to reduce fuel consumption deactivates half the cylinders under light loads, automatically reduces ground clearance at high speeds, and selects the most appropriate moment to point zernyai cost for shift. Diesel Grand Cherokee Overland in top performance is evaluated in our $71,400. Later a version with the most modest 3.0-liter petrol V6 with 238 hp (295 Nm), which can be purchased for $51,100.