Japanese Toyota Camry V60 was a copy machine for the US

Japanese sedan declassified appearance Toyota Camry of a new generation, which, surprisingly, was almost an exact copy of the North American version, presented earlier this year at the motor show in Detroit 2017.
Surprisingly this is because earlier versions for the US and Japan, as well as several other countries significantly differed both outside and inside. And now recognize the Japanese Camry is possible unless on little fog in the front bumper.
The same applies to the cabin, which the machines for both markets by the same. Is that in the Asian modifications in some places used different materials and finishes, and little has changed the design of the multimedia system.
At the same time, Toyota Camry in Japan is only available with a hybrid power plant, which consists of a 2.5-liter gasoline engine, electric motor, and a new electro-mechanical vibrator. So Islands model can be bought in a single design with a broad grille in the front bumper, while in the US there is also a sports version with a slightly different exterior decor.
Thus, it is possible that the version of the new Camry to will be the same as in these photos, but will wait for her presentation to autumn 2017 – and then will be known all the details.

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