Japanese will bring in Tokyo a conceptual coupe Toyota GR HV

The Toyota will bring to the motor show in Tokyo 2017 conceptual rear-wheel-drive sports car GR HV Sports, which received a stylish exterior design and a hybrid power unit. Toyota GR HV Sports has a body Targa and, apparently, is based on the model GT86. This is evidenced by the characteristic sides of the body, while the overall stylistics is borrowed from the lemanic prototype TS050 Hybrid. In particular, the latter is reminiscent of similar headlights with vertical and horizontal LED blocks, as well as a rear diffuser and aluminum rims. The concept is driven by a hybrid unit, the technical specifications of which are not specified. It is known that the car is equipped with an automatic device, which has a manual change of steps. Activating the latter, the driver can switch gears in the traditional H-scheme, that is, as with conventional manual gearbox. It is curious that the Japanese start button is located under the gearbox cover, and the choice of automatic transmission modes is carried out from the center console.

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