At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, Honda will present the pre-production version of the hybrid CR-V 5 generation hybrid crossover to the public. In Europe, where they plan to sell a commercial version of this model, the novelty will be the first electrified all-terrain vehicle of the Japanese brand.
The Honda CR-V hybrid system consists of a 2.0-liter gasoline engine running on the Atkinson cycle, a single-speed transmission and two electric motors, one of which is used as a generator.
For the power plant, there are three modes of operation: fully electric, only on the internal combustion engine (thus the electric motor is connected only at sharp accelerations) and, actually, hybrid, in which the petrol engine works exclusively for recharging the batteries.
It is interesting that electronics are responsible for the switching of modes, which constantly analyzes the traffic conditions, but the brand specialists have not yet disclosed the power reserve.