New Jaguar XKR-S GT extreme coupe

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the brand, Jaguar R Performance extreme built XKR-S GT coupe, the world premiere of which took place at the Auto Show in New York 2013. Results will be released only 30 such machines, all of which are designed for the North American market. Coupe is built on the Jaguar XKR-S, which is borrowed from the 550-strong five-liter V8 with a mechanical supercharger, is mounted in a pair of six-speed automatic transmission.
The main purpose of the new Jaguar XKR-S GT is riding on the race track, while on public roads to drive on coupe is not prohibited. Aerodynamic allow better optimize the airflow around the car, brake cooling and improved downforce increased to 145 kg. In addition, the car sports a exclusive 20-inch alloy wheels, “shod” in the specially designed high-speed tires Pirelli Corsa.
The new XKR-S GT became the first in the history of the Jaguar, which have established carbon-ceramic disc brakes with a diameter of 398 mm front and 380 mm – Rear calipers and is highlighted in yellow. These brakes are not only much more efficient than conventional, but also helped to reduce vehicle weight by 21 kg. All this has allowed to show the lap time on the Nordschleife of Nürburgring, equal to 7 minutes. and 40 seconds, 11 seconds faster XKR-S coupe.


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