Executive Jaguar XJ sedan premiere of the fifth generation in the body X351 took place in London the summer of 2009 and since the beginning of 2010, the car went on sale in showrooms dealers. Compared with its predecessor, the design of the new Jaguar XJ (2016-2017) has completely changed. Stretched sedan silhouette, coupled with a squat profile reminiscent of a wild cat, stretched out in a rapid jump. Auto received a large grille, a sloping roof and stylish narrow taillights.

Configuration and price Jaguar XJ 2017.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
2.0 Premium Luxury SWB $77,100 2.0 petrol (240 hp) Automatic (8) rear
2.0 Luxury SWB $77,700 2.0 petrol (240 hp) Automatic (8) rear
2.0 Luxury LWB $77,700 2.0 petrol (240 hp) Automatic (8) rear
2.0 Premium Luxury LWB $82,200 2.0 petrol (240 hp) Automatic (8) rear
3.0D Premium Luxury SWB $86,100 3.0 diesel engine (275 hp) Automatic (8) rear
3.0 Luxury AWD SWB $88,100 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.0D Premium Luxury LWB $91,200 3.0 diesel engine (275 hp) Automatic (8) rear
3.0 Luxury AWD LWB $92,000 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.0 Premium Luxury AWD SWB $94,400 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.0D Portfolio SWB $99,100 3.0 diesel engine (275 hp) Automatic (8) rear
3.0 Premium Luxury AWD LWB $101,700 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.0D Portfolio LWB $102,600 3.0 diesel engine (275 hp) Automatic (8) rear
3.0 Portfolio AWD SWB $108,200 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Automatic (8) full
3.0 Portfolio AWD LWB $113,700 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Automatic (8) full
5.0 SC SUPERSPORT SWB $132,700 5.0 petrol (510 hp) Automatic (8) rear
5.0 SC SUPERSPORT LWB $147,200 5.0 petrol (510 hp) Automatic (8) rear

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The new Jaguar XJ (X351) is available in two wheelbase versions – standard (SWB) and extended (LWB). In the first case the overall length of the sedan is 5,123 mm (size of the wheelbase – 3033), the second – 5248 (wheelbase equal to 3157). The width of the car – 1895 mm, height – 1448. The interior of the new Jaguar XJ 2017 even more luxurious than its exterior. The refined and sophisticated style in the design evident in every detail. The abundance of chrome and wood, elegant lighting and a panoramic roof, a separate control unit air conditioner and audio center for rear passengers leave no doubt – we class car.
The information display on the center console, harmoniously stretched to the back row of seats, has an interesting feature. The screen can be displayed at the same time, two different pictures, but the driver and front passenger will only see his own. The base engine for the Jaguar XJ was originally offered a 3.0-liter gasoline engine with 238 hp, and it is an alternative to bi-turbo diesel with similar volume of 275 recoil forces. Later in the line there was a modern 2.0-liter petrol engine with turbo (240 hp), which replaces the three-liter engine.
Also, the sedan can be ordered with 340-horsepower engine capacity of 3.0 liters and with the top 5.0-liter 510-horsepower Supercharged.
The price of the new Jaguar XJ 2017 diesel engine by Premium Luxury is $86,100. In comparison, the top-end sedan with a 510-horsepower gasoline engine in the configuration SC SUPERSPORT in the extended version is estimated at $147,200. Thus for the tire pressure sensor, the adaptive cruise control and tracking system “dead” zones need to pay extra separately.

Updated Jaguar XJ 2015.

Restyled Jaguar XJ 2015 model year has not changed in appearance, except for the appearance of 18-inch wheels Manra. The range of power units also remained the same, but now the base 2.0-liter 240-horsepower turbo system got “start/stop”. Major changes updated Jaguar XJ saloon 2015 affected him. Thus, in the long-wheelbase sedan modifications were folding tables and touch monitors entertainment system for the rear passengers.
There was also increased space above their heads, new rear seats equipped with massage function and remote control settings placed on the side of the center armrest. To improve the comfort of a few engineers to recalibrate the settings rear suspension models.

Updated Jaguar XJ 2017.

In the summer of 2015, the British automaker has once again presented an updated version of its flagship sedan XJ, which received an upgraded 3.0-liter diesel engine and two new versions: Autobiography and R-Sport. Kickback said engine has increased from the previous 275 to 300 hp, and peak torque reaches 700 Nm is now against 600 previously. In addition, the engine is now responsible environmental standards “Euro 6”, and acceleration from zero to hundred with him in 2017 Jaguar XJ spends 6.1 seconds (was 6.4). A Jaguar XJ 2017 equipment now entered a new multimedia complex InControl, while for a fee are available adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition system and all-round visibility, and Meridian audio system with 26 speakers capacity of 1300 watts.
Outside redesigned 2017 Jaguar XJ stands head optics and LED diode lights doctored. R-Sport version flaunts an aggressive front bumper and a small spoiler on the trunk lid, a quartet of exhaust pipes and the center console trim in black piano lacquer. Modification Autobiography is only available for the long wheelbase XJ LWB and also excels in other bumpers, chrome grille trim, Split rear seats with massage and ventilation, as well as high-quality leather interior.