Jaguar XE sedan got four-wheel drive – such modification celebrated its world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2015. Up to the market of novelty should be reached in the spring of 2016, the price has not been announced.
In a press release of the British company said that in normal circumstances, the entire torque is applied to the rear wheels, but if necessary, multi-plate clutch begins to throw traction on the front axle. This happens in just 165 milliseconds.
The need to connect the “front end” is determined by the system Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD), which monitors traction with the road surface, the steering angle and lateral acceleration.
All-wheel drive is only available for the two versions of the Jaguar XE. We are talking about machines with 180-horsepower diesel engine and 340-horsepower gasoline engine V6. Combine the two in a pair with no alternative 8-band automatic ZF, but the dynamic characteristics full-drive not specified.
As an option for Jaguar XE AWD system proposed Adaptive Surface Response, allowing fine-tune the transmission operation, stability and engine response to pressing the gas pedal under different conditions (for example, for driving on snowy or wet roads). The basis of this system was taken technology Terrain Response, used for off-road Land Rover.
In addition, equipping the sedan got upgraded multimedia complex InControl Touch Pro with the new 10.2-inch touchscreen, hard disk with 60 gigabytes of audio and Meridian.

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