Jaguar is preparing an all-electric crossover

According to the publication Autocar, Jaguar company is actively preparing an all-electric crossover, a pre-production version of which promise to present in the autumn of 2016 at the motor show in Paris. It is noteworthy that electric-crossover from Jaguar should get a completely original design which will be significantly different from the existing production models producer. Below is a rendering of the coming trends, prepared by British colleagues. As for the technique, at the moment we only know that the basis of the model lies an aluminum chassis iQ [Al], which is built coupe-Pace is the F. According to the company, this platform is still in the design phase has been adapted for the use of hybrid propulsion systems and motors. With regard to the latter, there are several options. Electric Jaguar crossover can receive either two electric motors (one for each axis), or as four (one for each wheel). The appearance of the production version of the model is planned for 2017, as well as competitors are called Tesla Model X, and preparing to release an electric version of the Audi Q6.


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