Jaguar Land Rover SUVs will get a new robot

Car publications Reporters learned that the Jaguar Land Rover company began to develop a new eight-speed robotised transmission with two clutches, which the British planned to use in their SUVs. According to rumors, the first such transmission will get a next-generation Defender. Representatives of the British group noted that the new mission, known under the working title POLAR 3, will be the world’s first eight-robot with two clutches for SUVs. It is targeted at 600 Nm, while the 10-step robot from Volkswagen, which is also in development, designed only for 550 Nm of torque. It is known that the POLAR 3 will be a very wide range of gear ratios – 17. This solution will eliminate the need for the transfer gear. In addition, according to British experts, the new transmission will be 10% more economical than the torque converters. When it is Jaguar Land Rover will begin to use such transmission in their models is still unknown. It is possible that before the new Defender will also get the transmission and some other SUVs British concern.


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