Jaguar Land Rover Specialists announced project TRANSCEND, under which the new eight-speed robotized transmission with dual clutch and the electric motor will be developed. Last enable vehicles to travel on electric. At the project allocated about 30 million pounds, with a portion of this amount, the automaker has received from the UK government. It is reported that the new transmission by about 20 kg lighter than comparable transmission and has a very wide range of gear ratios (20: 1). For switching stage corresponds to two clutches, while another is intended for the connection of the motor with the internal combustion engine.

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According to British experts, the new mission will improve the quality of off-road vehicles will reduce fuel consumption by about 10%, and would eliminate the transfer case with reduction gear. The new gearbox is universal enough, and it plans to use in rear-wheel and all-wheel drive models with a longitudinal engine layout. According to rumors, eight-robot designed for 600 Nm of torque, but official confirmation of this information yet. It is assumed that the first transmission TRANSCEND get the next generation SUV Defender, whose debut is scheduled for 2018. Then a PPC equip other models Jaguar Land Rover Group with the new six-cylinder engines Ingenium family.

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