Jaguar Future-Type Concept hinted at the transport of 2040

The Jaguar company introduced a prototype of the Future-Type Concept, which, according to the chief designer of the British brand Ian Kollam, is intended to demonstrate how cars will look in 2040. “Live” the novelty will be shown on the motor show in Frankfurt in 2017. Externally, the Jaguar Future-Type is a futuristic vehicle. The concept has a small width, which should allow it to maneuver better in a dense stream of urban transport and to park in conditions of shortage of space. The model received a three-seater saloon with a landing formula of 2 + 1, while the front seat can be turned both forward and back, which will allow the driver to communicate face to face with passengers while the car is under full control of the autopilot. Another feature of the concept compartment is the removable “smart” steering wheel Sayer. This “steering wheel” received artificial intelligence, and you can manage its capabilities with the help of a voice command system. The customer can buy or rent a “smart” steering wheel, using its functionality even outside the car. “Turning” to the steering wheel, you can call the car, change the music, book a table in the restaurant or see what is happening at the moment at home (if there are video cameras in the latter). Specialists of the British brand believe that the Jaguar Future-Type is the ideal option for the card-cutting, without which in 2040 will already be indispensable. Such a car can be ordered to pick up a child from school or for a trip with his family outside the city. The main mode of motion for the Future-Type Concept is autonomous, but the driver can take control of the car by entrusting the electronics with only certain functions. Information on the technical filling of the futuristic concept in the company is not disclosed, but it is known that the car received a fully electric power unit.

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