Italian tuners have come up with an evil appearance for the Land Rover Defender

Italians from the design studio Ares Design in cooperation with the British firm JE Motorworks for years worked on the special model SUV a Defender, trying to imagine how the car would look like if it was engaged in refining factory unit Special Vehicle Operations (SVO). As a result, a unique modification was very aggressive exterior design. Such Land Rover Defender has enhanced rut more powerful wheel arches, metal bumper, snorkel, reinforced thresholds, a winch, a new hood with additional air inlets and outputted to the rear wheels pipes of the exhaust system. Ground clearance is increased by 51 mm, and SUV wheels adorn the “toothy” tires. Interior of the Land Rover Defender is decorated with expensive Italian leather and is decorated with inlays of aluminum, carbon fiber and wood. The movement of the car leads V8 engine that is mated to a six-speed gearbox and develops 286 forces. Among the other technical features of the modifications Ares Design and JE Motorsport noteworthy reinforced driveshaft and differentials. Total tuners are planning to build 53 tuning Defender. Work on the first copies have already begun, but the timing and price are still unknown.

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