Introduced transformer speedster Dallara Stradale

The Dallara Automobili company, which until recently was exclusively engaged in the production of racing cars, introduced its first road model. The novelty was a speedster called Stradale, built to the 80th anniversary of the founder of the Giampaolo Dallara company.
Appearance Dallara Stradale was coined by ex-designer Pininfarina studio Lovi Fermeersh. By default, the sports car has no doors, and its fully transformable body is made of carbon fiber. Installing a windshield for 16,600 euros makes Stradale a roadster, and an additional T-frame for 7,700 euros turns the car into a tag.
It is also possible to order removable gull-wing doors (€ 7,300). In this case, Dallara Stradale becomes a coupe. As an option, there is also a rear fender, which allows the speedster to generate up to 820 kg of downforce at high speeds.
The rear-wheel drive Dallara Stradale weighs only 855 kg, and it is driven by a 2.3-liter “turbo-quartet” Ford family EcoBoost. By default, the motor works in conjunction with a six-speed mechanics with a steering mechanism podrulevye keys, but for a surcharge is available robot with one clutch.
This “stuffing” develops 400 hp. and 500 Nm, which allows the speedster in the basic configuration to accelerate from zero to hundreds in 3.45 seconds. The maximum speed in this case is 280 km/h. The car with a wing is somewhat slower and it can be accelerated “only” to 265 km/h.
In the list of equipment Dallara Stradale, ABS, shock absorbers with remote tanks, oil pressure accumulator and special Pirelli tires appear. The circulation of the model will be limited to 600 copies at a price of 155 000 euros for each. The acceptance of orders has already started.

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