After the updated version of the Porsche Panamera has shown excellent sales results, the question of the release of the new generation model was finally resolved in a positive way. Leaders of the German company expects to launch the second generation of the car in a series already in 2016, and until his test prototype wound kilometers on tests. For the next Porsche Panamera has developed a new platform MSB. It is distinguished by the highest flexibility and is designed for a wide range of bodies. Currently, the company’s specialists are considering the creation of a two-door Panamera, as well as the convertible version. At the same time one of the first modifications of trends, is likely to be versatile. With regard to technology, the information about it is not much. It is expected that for the Porsche Panamera 2 develop several new engines V6 and V8, which in the future will be used for all models of chassis MSB. In addition, the car will be several major predecessor, but it will be about 100 kg lighter. It is noteworthy that the issue of the current Panamera conducted at several plants in Germany. Bodies for models manufactured in Hanover, and the final assembly of cars has been going on in Leipzig. In the future, the manufacturer plans to organize the entire production cycle in Leipzig, but you want to expand local businesses.