The first information about the future of the BMW 3-Series (G20)

New generation sedan BMW 3-Series (G20) and G21 wagon debuts in 2018, and the first details of the upcoming updates appeared in the spring of 2015. Detail divided British edition Car. It is expected that the apparently 3-Series (G20) coupe and 4-Series (G22) will have a more aggressive design with a narrow head optics, but overall appearance should remain fully recognizable. Interior models should be even more high-quality and modern, and the new equipment will multimedia from the 7-Series G11 with a big screen and support for gesture control.
Another chip in the cabin can be a steering wheel with the switches in the form manietto (as superpenalties Ferrari), by which it will be possible to switch operating modes of the power plant on hybrid versions. As for the latter, they are expected just two: a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine and 60-kilowatt electric motor (the electric up to 50 km) and with a 2.0-liter “four”, which assists the electric motor 90 kW (electricity up to 80 kilometers).
The base engine for the future BMW 3-Series G20/G21 will 1,5 liters, capacity of 136 forces (gasoline) and 122 hp (Diesel) and four- and six-cylinder engines will undergo modernization. Of course, some modifications remain wheel drive system xDrive. True, the “charged” M3/M4 next-generation all-wheel drive transmission and will not receive, but the engine will bring them out to about 500 “horses” (compared to now 431 hp). More specific details will be announced later.


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