At the International Motor Show in Los Angeles 2011, the premiere of the production version of the seven-seater Infiniti JX crossover, which has already demonstrated a little earlier in California, but as a concept. And at the motor show in New York City 2013 introduced a hybrid modification of off-road vehicle, but under the name QX60, according to a new order of names of the models of Infiniti. Externally, the serial Infiniti JX/QX60 resembles the new Nissan Pathfinder IV, with whom he shares the same platform. But unlike the latter, the car has a proprietary large grille, narrow lighting equipment and unusual curved window line in the area of the rear pillars. Overall length of the crossover is 4989 mm (size of the wheelbase – 2901), width – 1961, height – 1722 mm.

Packaging and prices Infiniti JX/QX60 (2016).

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
35 Elegance $43,400 3.5 petrol (262 hp) CVT full
25h Elegance $44,100 Hybrid 2.5 (250 hp) CVT full
35 Premium $45,400 3.5 petrol (262 hp) CVT full
25h Premium $46,600 Hybrid 2.5 (250 hp) CVT full
35 Elite $48,600 3.5 petrol (262 hp) CVT full
25h Elite $50,200 Hybrid 2.5 (250 hp) CVT full
35 Hi-Tech $50,800 3.5 petrol (262 hp) CVT full
25h Hi-Tech $52,400 Hybrid 2.5 (250 hp) CVT full

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This engine is mounted in a pair with a variator – the first time in the history of the brand. Drive in crossover can be not only complete but also forward. At the end of March 2013 in New York City showed Infiniti QX60 Hybrid 2.5-liter “four” and 20-horsepower electric motor. The total output is 253 hp installation (309 Nm). With its fuel consumption in the combined cycle is 9.0 liters, making this modification is 24% more economical cars with motor V6.
Among the main advantages of the new JX automaker calls the three full rows of seats in the cabin, as well as convenient access to the third row and light transformation. In addition, the company noticed that the passenger legroom middle and rear rows in the Infiniti QX60 more than in the SUV Cadillac Escalade. Of course, the Infiniti JX/QX60 richly equipped and can boast the presence of adaptive cruise control, audio system Bose, cameras around the perimeter, as well as the new system Backup Collision Intervention (BCI), which allows to avoid a collision when reversing. When the danger of a collision the system sends a signal to the driver in critical situations and can itself activate the brakes.
Sales of new products launched in the United States in the spring of 2013 to as low as 40,450 dollars for the front-wheel version. The cost of all-wheel drive crossover with all the options in excess of $ 50,000, and hybrid further 3 000 dollars. More. Initially delivered to us only all-wheel drive version of the Infiniti QX60 with a single 262-horsepower 3.5-liter engine.