New Infiniti QX30 2017 SUV, prices and equipment

Infiniti QX30 – subcompact SUV based on the high hatchback Infiniti XQ30. Last debuted in September at the Motor Show in Frankfurt in 2015, and the crossover is presented in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The production version of the new crossover Infiniti QX30 2017 is not so much different from the same concept, first shown to the public in the autumn 2013th. And even less a car differs from the standard Q30. In fact, both models have a similar design, but SUVs dispatched reissued bumper, black plastic door sill and the roof rails. Shop at both cars and all completely identical, so that the inside of the difference between the Q30 and QX30 virtually no experience.


The basis of both models laid down MFA modular chassis powered by Mercedes-Benz, which built cars A-Class, as well as CLA and GLA. But the Japanese chassis set up on their own, promising an interesting handling at Infinity XQ30, who got stiffer springs and rear anti-roll bar.

Unlike the hatchback, the ride height by Infiniti QX30 2016 increased by 30 millimeters, and overall height of 35 mm added – up to 1 530 mm. Other dimensions of the car, as well as information on the power units are not specified yet. The company reported that the crossover is available exclusively with all-wheel drive and 7-band robotic box. Four-wheel drive, of course, there is not a constant, and connected with a multi-plate clutch: if necessary, up to half of torque can be transferred to the rear axle. If you look at sibling Mercedes-benz GLA, which has all-wheel drive is offered only with the most powerful engines, it can be assumed that for the Infiniti QX30 offers a 2.0-liter turbo power of 211 hp and 170-hp diesel engine in volume 2, 1 liter turbocharged.

Models & Prices.

Production models will establish the British plant in Sunderland, Nissan, Infiniti QX30 and sales will start in the summer of 2016.


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