The new Infiniti Q30 premium hatchback 2017, prices and equipment

Infiniti Q30 (2017) – the first in the history of Japanese brand Infiniti compact hatchback in the line, created in close collaboration with the Germans from Mercedes-Benz. Pre-production version of the new Infiniti Q30 was shown in the autumn of the 2013th, and the production-ready car made its debut at the motor show in Frankfurt 2015.
According to the company, Infiniti Q30 combines the features of a hatchback, coupe and crossover. And as the target audience for the new items is called not only to young people who wish to buy a compact car premium segment, but also people under the age of 48 years.
As expected, the serial Infiniti Q30 (2017) was very similar to the prototype, but the bumper and lighting fixtures were a little easier on the door handles were traditional changed mirrors and wheel design. There is also a Sport version with more aggressive bumpers, door sills, 19-inch wheels and a lowered suspension by 15mm.
The interior of the hatchback, which also has much in common with the interior of the concept, was declassified by the manufacturer before the premiere of the car. Making front panel and center console in the Infiniti Q30 different from other models of the company, but the quality of finishing materials is high. Sport version additionally has a metal lining on the pedals and a sports steering wheel with flattened rim.
The company also emphasizes that the insulation is at least 10% better (when driving at the speed of 120 km/h), compared with the leaders of the class. It managed to achieve this through the use of active noise cancellation and a wider use of sound-proof materials.


The basis of the Infiniti Q30 2016 fell mercedes front-drive modular platform MFA, but suspension settings are your own. The range of powertrains and models borrowed from Mercedes-Benz.
It includes petrol engines of 1.6 (122 and 156 hp) and 2.0 (211 hp) a liter and diesel Power 109 hp (1.5 L) and 170 hp (2.2 L). They are combined in a pair with a six-speed manual gearbox or a 7-band robotized transmission with two clutches.
Later in the series appeared upbeat SUV Infiniti QX30 – analogue model Mercedes GLA based on the A-Class. However, he does not differ from the usual Q30, except for all-terrain underweight and increased ground clearance.

Configuration and price.

Production of Infiniti Q30 established in the UK at the plant in Sunderland, while European sales of new products launched at the end of 2015.
The equipment hatchback includes adaptive cruise control, all-sky cameras, tracking system for “blind” zones, to prevent frontal collisions, switch on the dipped beam, multimedia InTouch and more.



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